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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Dec/2007: "Weather - Actuals vs Forecast"

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Weather - Actuals vs Forecast

When I looked at the weather forecast yesterday I was looking forward to a nice pleasant and sunny day. Those hopes were quickly dashed this morning when I opened the curtains to be greeted by a grey and dull sky. I'm wondering though why the forecast isn't catching up with reality? Here are the ‘official’ weather observations from Lyneham, the closest weather station to Swindon:

Screenshot of weather observations

Now contrast this with the latest forecast:

Screenshot of a weather forecast

Somehow this doesn't seem to be in line, unless it clears up extremely quickly now. Ach well, I've got enough to do at home anyway. Christmas cards to write, travelogues to work on, book reviews to prepare for the Islay Blog, shirts to iron, those kind of things. And hoping for the sun to come out for a nice lunchtime walk.

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