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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Mar/2007: "High Impact Blogging"

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High Impact Blogging

Now I don't know if there is a lesson in this, nevertheless I found this quite funny: Yesterday I posted the first entry on this blog for a month and it immediately had an impact! Yesterday evening I wrote the entry and this morning I found an e-mail in my inbox. In it Michael from Germany writes:

Wow, da machst Du nur einen Eintrag im Monat und ich bin schon 10€ für eine CD los :-)

Which for my English speaking readers translates to as much as:

Wow, you're writing one entry in a month and already I've spent $13 for a CD :-)

I think Roddy Woomble's My Secret Is My Silence is fantastic. And I'm going to buy Make Another World by Idlewild this weekend (Roddy's band in his ‘day job’), which was released this week. One of the songs on it is this one:


More to follow. Probably. Almost certainly over the next week. Until Saturday.

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