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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Jan/2007: "Sunday Walk Searching Signs of Spring"

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Sunday Walk Searching Signs of Spring

Picture of snowdrops in bloom

Today turned out to be a fairly grey day with quite a lot of clouds, only an hour of sun earlier in the morning. I managed to pick that time for my morning run, making the best of the little sun we had today. But it also gave me an inspiration for today's short Sunday walk:

I was going to look for the first signs of spring. Yes, I know, it's only the end of January, but one can hope. In particular because I noticed the first snowdrops for this year during my run.

With all the clouds it wasn't really worth driving anywhere, so I just walked down the old railtrack where I go jogging. That also gave me the opportunity to take a few pictures of the snowdrops.

Picture of some small yellow flowers

From the old railtrack I walked through a new housing development on the old site of the Princess Margaret Hospital. A huge development, but it looked and felt a bit soulless to me. Once completed traffic to and from it must be a nightmare as well.

Once I had seen enough I started my way back along Bath Road, with a detour through Swindon Town Gardens. In the Town Gardens I noticed a few more flowers, some tiny yellow ones. No idea what they are.

That concluded my walk today, now I'm hoping for some nice sunshine next weekend for a longer walk. And that we'll have proper spring soon.

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