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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Jan/2007: "Expat Blogger Additions"

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Expat Blogger Additions

The last update was only two weeks ago and I already have another update: 19 additions to the Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) list. Quite a few different countries this time, so I hope there will be something of interest for everyone. Here are the additions for the first update in 2007, some in English, some in German and one in Finnish:

  1. From Germany to Canada, also blogging about Toronto's abused shopping carts
  2. From England to the USA
  3. From Finland to Ireland (first entry from Finland)
  4. From the USA to Estonia (bringing Estonia back to the list)
  5. From Germany to London, England
  6. From the USA to Scotland
  7. A German in Switzerland
  8. From Germany to Brasil
  9. From Scotland to Switzerland
  10. From Canada to Taiwan
  11. Another German in London, England
  12. From Germany to Mexico
  13. From England to Germany
  14. From England to Burkina Faso
  15. A German in Thailand
  16. From Germany to Israel
  17. A German in China
  18. A German in Manchester, England (not everyone from Germany has to go to London...)
  19. From Hawaii/USA to France

That's all for now, but I'm sure there's more to come.

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