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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Dec/2006: "Aldbourne Sunday Walk"

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Aldbourne Sunday Walk

Picture of a church in the afternoon light

This morning I posted the hundredth entry on before tidying and cleaning the kitchen after yesterday's baking. Early in the afternoon it was time to decide where to go for a short walk.

I opted for the short drive to Aldbourne for a look around. Two years ago I have been on a longer walk in the area, this time I only wanted a short walk. I parked at the village pond and walked over to the village square with the church. From here I followed the road on the right, which led me to the path for the Aldbourne Circular Route. I walked this path for a while for a nice view north east. The path was quite exposed and with a fierce cold wind it wasn't very pleasant, so I turned back after a while.

Picture of a panoramic view over fields and hill

Picture of the moon over a pink row of cottagesAlong a path over a field I left the hill and returned to Aldbourne. The moon was out, looking quite nice over some of the old cottages. Another quick look around Aldbourne, then I drove home.

A nice hot chocolate with a few biscuits my mother had sent me, then I was ready to write today's entry for the Sunday walk. Next weekend I plan to go on a longer guided walk, hopefully the weather will be nice.

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