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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Nov/2006: "A Journey Through Musical History"

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A Journey Through Musical History

Apart from writing on this blog and running, my blog about the Isle of Islay, I sometimes also contribute to the Top 5 Weblog, a German blog. As the name indicates it's a collection of all kinds of Top 5 lists, at least partly inspired by Nick Hornby's High Fidelity. This weekend I've been quite busy on it, what initially was a one off entry quickly developed into a little series of related entries:

I was standing in front of my CD collection on Saturday trying to decide what to listen to when I had the idea for the first entry. What was I listening to 10 years ago, during my first years in the UK? This developed into a little series, 15 years, 20 years and so on. It's all in German, but even if you don't understand German you can read the artists:

Feel free to comment about my taste (or lack thereof) in English if you can't write in German. The other bloggers will understand it as well and I do anyway.

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