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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/Nov/2006: "The Grass Is Always Greener"

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The Grass Is Always Greener

As a German living in the UK and hoping to stay here for a long time I always find it interesting to read about and from other 'expats'. Some of the most interesting voices come from blogs, but the press also covers the topic:

Looking through my bookmarks of links to blog about I noticed two links from German magazine Der Spiegel which seem to indicate the grass is always greener on the other side: In August they wrote about Germans living abroad saying we'll never return. Now in November they write about Brits emigrating, in particular to Germany. Sorry those two links are in German only. Der Spiegel has an international edition in English, but I don't think the two articles are available in English. The only one I could find is More and More Leave Germany Behind

Emigration also creates concerns for some people: The German Manager-Magazin is worried about emigration and German competitiveness. They also have an Auswanderer (Emigrants) - Blog (well, it's not really a blog) where Germans living abroad and Germans thinking of moving are giving their reasons for leaving.

But then it's a similar picture in the UK: The BBC has a project about Brits Abroad: Who, where and why after more Britons consider move abroad. A former Tory MP even suggests it might be time to emigrate for a lot of young Brits. The Telegraph seems a bit worried and writes about a mass exodus from these shores and Bye, bye, Blighty while at the same time asking where have all the Germans gone? But the Guardian is more positive and writes about a report that the idea of a 'brain drain' from Britain is a myth.

In other words: The grass is always greener on the other side of the border.

PS: The Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) list is in dire need of an update. If you've sent me a mail over the last few weeks, I've got it and haven't forgotten you. I hope to update it over the next few days, possibly even later today, depending on how I get on with a few other things.

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