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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Oct/2006: "Busy"

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Just so that you don't think I've disappeared completely a quick sign of life on this blog. The job search is still taking a lot of my time, as this is my number one priority at the moment by quite a distance.

After all this is not only about finding a job, but about finding the right job with the right company. I've got a few leads I'm working on at the moment, some in the very early stages, some a bit further. But until I'm quite a bit further with them I'm not going into any more details here. I'm obviously hoping for some positive news, but also need to be prepared for potential setbacks. Either way, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck with my efforts.

Now, as this is blog I can spare a few minutes for the odd link you might find interesting:

(That's enough links. Take a break from the computer. Ed.)

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