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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/Oct/2006: "Stirring Back Into Life"

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Stirring Back Into Life

Having neglected my blogs and websites a bit over the last week or so I'll try to breathe some life into them again. I've been quite busy with job search activities and also had my mind full with a few other events. So what's new on the job front?

My CV now feels quite presentable (it never feels and never can be entirely finished anyway), should anyone reading this be interested in it feel free to contact me and I'll send it over.

With that I've started to register on a number of job websites, among others Jobsite UK, Monster (UK), and CWJobs. Some seem to better than others, all have their little quirks. The biggest problem I've encountered is that most of them try to press you into boxes, be it when you're entering your details, be it when you're performing a job search. My background and experience is quite varied, I find it very difficult to limit myself to one category. Example: While I've worked for Intel (i.e. semiconductor industry) for the last 11 years I'm by no means a specialist in semiconductors. Yet quite a few of websites try to force me into an engineer/technical area even though my background and experience is in finance, sales & marketing and operational roles as well as people management/ teamleader.

Then I've started looking at the various recruitment agencies, which is not much easier either. I've heard of some of them, but don't really know yet which ones are good and right for me and which ones aren't worth spending the time for me. Again a similar experience with the websites, some are excellent, others are, to put it bluntly, useless. On some of them it is next to impossible to find out the types of roles and work (temporary/permanent) they cover. Either way, I've started to register online with some agencies and will have a first interview with one of them next week. Any recommendations/ suggestions about good agencies are more than welcome!

Not to mention the various bugs and problems on some of these websites: Uploads going nowhere, dead links (aka 404s), tiny input boxes asking for a lot of information to be entered, generally bad usability, you name it. Some websites are completely unusable in Firefox or at least have some problems. Others seem to be struggling with geography. One website was trying to tell me that Milton Keynes is within 45 miles of Swindon (according to The AA Route Planner it is 70 miles, which sounds more like it). If I had the time and relevant skills (and believed they care enough about it to spend money on it) I'd open a business to get these sites fixed...

I should have done this much earlier, but better late than never: I've also registered on LinkedIn for some networking, to link up with me and view my profile try this button:

View Armin Grewe's profile on LinkedIn

But it hasn't only been job hunting, last Saturday I took some time out, the following picture should give you an idea for what:

Picture of a view over a downlands landscape, incl Silbury Hill

More about that later...

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