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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Oct/2006: "Back to the Munros"

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Back to the Munros

Is it really October already? Certainly felt like autumn today, very windy and quite wet, so I stayed at home and got some 'work' done. I had mentioned it yesterday, after Swindon - Then and Now it was time to return to the Scotland Summer 2006 travelogue. Today I completed two pages for my walk to the summit of Slioch, the second Munro of the holiday:

The description of the walk illustrated with several pictures is on the Slioch - Wester Ross page. Despite a lot of clouds I managed to get a few good views, one I turned into a Quicktime VR 180° panorama of the view north from the Sgurr an Tuill Bhàin ridge. I hope you like them and they give a feel of the walk.

But that's enough shameless plugs. (You're right, enough shameless plugs. Can you link to someone else site as well? Ed.) There's also a related entry at Hillwalk Scotland: Reclassify the Munro's Story - Yet Again. I don't see myself as a real Munro Bagger (I think I'm only just approaching the double digits anyway), my main interest is nice views and interesting walks. If there is no likelihood of nice views I've turned around or not bothered leaving at all several times. Therefore I don't really care that much if what I've climbed is a Munro or not, the view and/or interesting walk is what matters. If it's also a Munro fine, a bonus point. But that's all.

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