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Ministry of Propaganda - 02/Sep/2006: "Weather Update"

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Weather Update

Screenshot of a weather forecast

First update from my parents visit this weekend. So far the weather forecast didn't prove to be very accurate. On Friday it actually was quite nice, today it is quite windy, but not as wet as we thought it would be. So what have we been up to?

Not very much, to be honest.

Unfortunately my mother fell ill on Friday, it was so bad that we actually called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital to check her out. The ambulance crew and all the people at the Great Western Hospital were great, very friendly and helpful. I had to do a lot of translating, not easy as I didn't even know what some of the German terms meant. They didn't find anything major, so they suggested to take some painkillers and indigestion medicine.

My mother then rested at the hotel for the afternoon while my father and me went for a walk in the warm afternoon sun around The Lawn. We also went for a drink in The Wheatsheaf before returning to the hotel.

Luckily my mother is much better today, a little bit tired but good enough to get out a bit. Too bad that the weather wasn't too nice today, quite windy and frequent drizzle and occasional showers. So we went to buy a very belated a birthday present for me today, a HP LaserJet 1022, as I might need a printer during the upcoming job search. Already set it up and it looks good.

In the afternoon we went to the Swindon Forest Festival for an hour, quite interesting although not as busy as last year. Not surprising because it was still quite windy with frequent drizzle. We then had some tea and biscuits and now my mother is resting.

We'll decide tomorrow what we'll do on Sunday, it will depend on the weather and how my mother feels. Same applies to Monday.

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