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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Aug/2006: "Parents Have Arrived"

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Parents Have Arrived

Screenshot of a weather forecast

First the good news: My parents have arrived for a long weekend. Then the bad news: For now the weather forecast doesn't look too promising. Not the combination I was hoping for. Let's see how this will develop and in particular how the weather will really look over the next few days.

I picked them up from Bristol International Airport earlier this evening, on the way to Swindon we had a nice dinner at the Carpenters Arms in Wick. They are now at the Goddard Arms Hotel, where they are going to stay while they are here.

They will be here until Tuesday, so we'll have to see what we do should the forecast be accurate. It usually isn't, so I hope we will get more nice weather than just the Monday and the Tuesday morning (I'll have to take them back to the airport on Tuesday afternoon).

On Saturday I was thinking of taking them to the Forest Festival organised by the Great Western Community Forest project, although that currently looks like a washout.

We also plan to do a bit of walking, weather permitting. I'm considering taking them on the Sunday Canal and Pub Walk I went on earlier this year. I didn't manage to do it with my sister when she visited in May, so I'm for better luck this time.

Not sure yet if and how much I'll blog while my parents are here, in best case you'll get daily updates about what we've been up to, in worst case I'll give an update on the weather really turned out on Wednesday.

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