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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Aug/2006: "Brits Abroad Survey"

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Brits Abroad Survey

While I don't qualify myself (as a German living in Britain I've got it the wrong way around) I think some of my readers and/or some of the bloggers listed on my Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) page might be interested in participating in the Brits Abroad online survey:

Catherine Drew of the ippr is working on a Brits Abroad project to map the scale and nature of British emigration. The project is supported by the Foreign Office and the BBC, who will publish some of the results later this year. To understand who the emigrants are, what their motives are and the experiences they have the ippr has created the Brits Abroad survey.

Catherine says: Are you a Brit abroad? Have you ever been one or are you considering it? If so, please take part in the ippr’s Brits Abroad project – the most concerted and comprehensive effort made yet to map the scale and nature of emigration from the UK. Just complete the questionnaire and you could win £150 vouchers to spend on British goods: Brits Abroad online survey

Oh, and there's also the Brits Abroad - Mapping the scale and nature of emigration from the UK blog. Subscribed.

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