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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Jun/2006: "Intel's CTO is Blogging"

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Intel's CTO is Blogging

There hasn't been much visible activity by Intel employees in regards to external/public blogging, Josh Bancroft probably has been the most active at I have mostly steered clear of Blogging About Intel on this blog, although I have written about Corporate Bloggers including a reference to Intel. Now one of the big guns at Intel has joined the bloggers:

Justin R. Rattner, Senior Fellow and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Intel, has just started a blog at Blogs: Over the Horizon - Intel's CTO looks into the future. His first post 'The green flash' outlines why he's blogging at ZDNet and not the Intel site and what he's going to blog about.

I'm not an engineer so some of what he's going to write about might be well over my head, but I hope a lot of people will find interesting. While we have a quite active internal blogging community (don't think that's a secret, that fact has been mentioned in quite a few places) I hope this will also encourage more people (incl more senior people) to take up external blogging.

That's enough blogging about Intel on this blog for a while again ;-)

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