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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Jun/2006: "Congratulations to England!"

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Congratulations to England!

As a German living in England and keen BBC Radio Five Live listener I would like to show my appreciation for the performance of the England team at the Football World Cup during the first round and set the record straight:

Germany only just scraped through against such minnows and fourth rate teams like Poland, Ecuador and Costa Rica. They displayed shoddy defending and at best training ground performances. Hey, Germany didn't even have to qualify for the World Cup, they should be lucky that they're there as hosts!

England on the other hand had pull out world class top performances to convincingly beat such World Cup giants and elite teams as Sweden, Paraguay and, erm, Trinidad & Tobago. The team showed solid defending, excellent passing and world class attacking. Not to forget that England came through the toughest World Cup qualifying group ever.

I think that's that settled.

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