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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/May/2006: "Safe Return"

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Safe Return

The e-mail from my sister just came in, she has arrived safely back home in Heidelberg. Her flight was delayed, so she arrived later than planned. You already know what she did last week and what we did on Saturday, here's a quick summary (and a few links for my own reference) of what we did on Sunday:

As the weather wasn't very nice and my sister had seen enough rain during the we decided to abandon the idea of a walk along the canal and drove to Oxford instead. We left the car at the oxford park & ride and took the bus into the centre. First stop was the Waterstones Bookshop, later followed by the Blackwell's Bookshop. We then visited the Museum of the History of Science, in particular the Wireless World: Marconi & the making of radio exhibition was fascinating.

In between we stopped at the Turf Tavern for a drink, a return visit as we had already visited the same pub in 2000. I had a White Horse Ale, which I really enjoyed. Need to find out where I can get more of it. Late in the afternoon we drove back to Swindon after a very nice afternoon in Oxford.

My sister now returns to work for a few days before they have a public holiday again on Thursday. I will now blog here again more often (hopefully), complete the WalkIslay 2006 travelogue and start working on the IslayBlog. Oh, and there's a bank holiday weekend coming up here in the UK as well.

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