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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/Apr/2006: "Busy Day"

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Busy Day

Yes, I know, it's been quiet here again. I probably should blog more. Just didn't get around to it much the last week and not even today. But that doesn't mean that I was lazy, on the contrary. Today I added two new pages (and updated a third page) to one of my other sites:

My sister will visit me again in May on her way to her annual horse trekking holiday in Wales. When she came in 2003 we visited Raglan Castle on the way. While I finished the page with the 360° QuickTime VR panoramas of Raglan Castle in 2003 I for some reason didn't finish the page with the pictures. Today I finally caught up: Pictures of Raglan Castle.

WalkIslay 2006 is less than a week away, a good time for an addition to my Isle of Islay pages: New & reopened distilleries on the Isle of Islay (pictures and information about Bruichladdich (yes, that's the one with the 92% alcohol content whisky) and Kilchoman distilleries). And while I was at it I also updated my Islay Single Malt Whisky page.

May be more blogging tomorrow. Or may be not. We'll see.

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