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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/Apr/2006: "RrrrrR!"

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ImportantR AnnouncementR: AsR ofR TodayR thisR WeblogR willR bR calledR MinistryR ofR PropagandR. ThatR willR makR itR totallyR WebR 2.0R andR IR willR makR millionsR. JustR lookR inR whatR excellentR companyR IR willR bR:

  1. calcr
  2. FeedBlendr
  3. Gtalkr
  5. Frappr
  6. Razr (Razr sharp templates...)
  7. isolatr (beta)
  8. Beggr
  10. Zooomr (beta, obviously)
  11. Lookr web
  12. Grazr
  13. Flagr
  15. Bloggr
  16. Talkr
  17. retrievr
  18. Grabbr
  19. and not to forget the mothR of all R: Flickr

(That'r isr enoughr rrrr! Edr.)

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