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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Feb/2006: "Lots of Things"

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Lots of Things

Yes, still here. Still blogging. But also still lazy when blogging. Two weeks or so ago the EasyJetsetter tagged me with the Seven Things meme. So far I hadn't got round to do it. Then today Neville Hobson tagged me with Four Things. So I'm just going to combine the whole things thing into one. Here we go:

Some Things To Do Before I Die

Some Things I Cannot Do

Some Jobs I've had

Some Places I've Been to on Holiday

Some Things That Attract Me to... books

Some Favorite Dishes

Some Things I Say

Some Websites I Visit Daily

Some Books That I Love

Some Movies That I've Loved (at different times and in no particular order) / Some Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

Some TV Shows I Love to Watch

Erm, nice try. But I don't have a television. I guess this one will therefore remain unanswered for lack of content.

Some Places I'd Rather Be

Some People To Tag (in no particular order)

Do I have to? Hasn't everyone already done this thing? If you haven't, consider yourself tagged.

End of entry

Entry trivia

End of entry trivia

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