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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Feb/2006: "Sunday Dusk Walk"

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Sunday Dusk Walk

Picture of a path through a cutting

After mainly watching sport yesterday (England convincingly beating Wales at the Six Nations Rugby and ManU unconvincingly beating Fulham in the Premier League) I had hoped for some nice walking today. But then the fog and clouds lingered for quite long and I couldn't really get motivated to get out. Only very late in the afternoon it finally cleared up a little bit, so I decided to go for a dusk walk.

As it was quite late already I decided to walk on the old rail track (now a foot and cycle path) overlooking the area known as the Front Garden. It was still quite hazy and the sky had turned yellow, orange and red with the sun setting in the west. The M4 was getting busy again with many Londoners returning from the West Country and Wales.

Picture of a panoramic view over wide field in the evening light

It looked like there was going to be enough light for a while despite the sun setting rapidly now. I continued along the old railtrack until I reached the bridge over the Swindon section of the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal.

Picture of a canal in the last evening light

After crossing the bridge I walked down to the canal and followed it until I reached Beavens Bridge, a recently restored bridge over the canal. Here I crossed the canal again to start the walk home again, initially walking along Mill Lane. It was now almost dark, although the moon had come out and provided some light.

Where Mill Lane crosses under the cycle path I joined the old rail track again for the last stretch back home. 1.5 hours after leaving I arrived back home, not the longest walk but still quite enjoyable. The only annoying part being the constant hum of the M4 running through along the Front Garden. I'm not entirely sure what the latest status is, but there are plans to build on the whole area which they call Swindon Southern Development Area. I don't think I would want to live right next to the M4. Let alone that I won't be able to go on a walk like this any more if and when this happens.

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