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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Jan/2005: "Still Here"

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Still Here

Just so that you don't think I've disappeared a sign of life on this blog. I'm slowly making progress with the Scotland Winter 2005 travelogue, just completed the page for the walk along Loch Katrine. At the moment I'm working on the pictures from the walk to the summit of Ben A'an. Unfortunately I had a speck of dust on the sensor that day which I didn't notice until I was back at my car, meaning I now have to clean up quite a few pictures if I want to use them.

The weather wasn't great that day, which impacted the (still impressive) view from the summits. Going through the panoramas from the day I'm wondering if it's worth creating QuickTime VR panoramas of them or just leave it to normal pictures. Apart from Ben A'an far from being a Munro they won't be able to compete with my Munro panoramas. A first impression of a panorama from Ben A'an below:

Picture of a view over a loch on a cloudy day

I better get back to it, otherwise I'll never make any progress. Hopefully more tomorrow, possibly a rant about Economy 7 heating. If it's warm enough to write another entry.

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