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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Jan/2006: "Whale Lost On Magic Roundabout"

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Whale Lost On Magic Roundabout

While all eyes are focused on the whale in the Thames in London and the attempts to rescue it another drama is unfolding on the infamous Magic Roundabout in Swindon: Another whale has tried to swim over the fiendish construction and appears to have gotten lost!

Picture of a whale on the Magic Roundabout. Allegedly.

Experts are unsure how and why the whale swam to Swindon, which is famous for not much apart from the Magic Roundabout, Melinda Messenger and a fairly bad football team. They fear the whale might get dizzy and disoriented after circling through too many roundabouts.

Note: This rubbish entry was written following comments at this entry about the whale at London Leben and that nothing exciting ever happens in Swindon. Unfortunately news came through that the real whale has died as I was finishing this entry. I decided to still publish it.

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