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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Jan/2006: "So Many Things To Do..."

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So Many Things To Do...

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So little time. In other words, I'm busy. Probably won't have time for proper blogging until earliest Wednesday. I got a bit fed up with Bloglines (some of the feeds update a bit strange and it doesn't really work with the way I'm using RSS now), so I'm currently giving RSS Bandit a try. First impressions look promising.

A few quick links while I'm at it:

This is not going to well with quite a few people I think: The Economist writes about the American economy and says Danger time for America: The economy that Alan Greenspan is about to hand over is in a much less healthy state than is popularly assumed. Most of it is not entirely new, but still an interesting read.

Kind of a note to myself as I don't want to lose the link, Neville Hobson writes about Transforming corporate identities beyond the razzle dazzle. Some interesting points about Kodak and Intel, where I work. I'm not going to comment here on what Paul Otellini writes on his blog (that's for internal use only and not for me to discuss externally). I'm not going to talk for other employees either, but for myself. I'm fully engaged and on board, I feel very well informed through a number of internal webcasts and open forums where the new direction and branding was presented and discussed. I'm excited that I can experience this transition (which I believe to be important) first hand, the other major transitions were before I joined Intel.

And finally: Not sure if I wanted to live on Fair Isle, although I think I'd like to visit at least once, having only seen it from the ferry so far.

That's all for now, hopefully more on Wednesday or Thursday. If you get bored in the meantime you can try my Munro panoramas collection, I hope they'll entertain you for a while.

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