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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Dec/2005: "Waiting For Christmas"

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Waiting For Christmas

My sister has just finished decorating the Christmas tree. My father is doing something in the kitchen. My mother is off for some last minute shopping and visiting an elderly aunt (who will also join us later this afternoon). And me? I'm blogging some links accumulated in my 'to blog about' folder:

Boys Need More Toys

This wasn't on my wish list for Christmas, it might never end up on one either. But I'm still thinking about buying the X-Plane with a remote controlled camera. I could take my own aerial pictures, which I think would be quite cool. Only points that so far stop me is the range (only 100m) and the flight time (4-5 minutes per charge), this doesn't seem to be very much? Anyway, should I decide to buy it I can buy it at:

Worst Roundabout

According to a survey the Magic Roundabout has been voted the worst in the UK. I don't think I agree, I think the Magic Roundabout is great. Efficient, quick, quite easy to use, but then I'm a Pro Driver.

Big and Bright Moon

Last week we had the biggest and brightest moon for 18 years. I tried to take pictures of it, but they didn't come out very well, so I deleted them. Slightly related (not sure if it was because of the bright moon or if he would have gone anyway) Chris has some interesting pictures of Ben Lomond by moonlight.

The Artist I Know

I always find it interesting to find the website of someone I know: Here's the one of Benoit Philippe, who display his watercolours, pastels and oil paintings on the web. As we're working for the same company (he sits may be 6 cubes away from me in cubeland) I know him reasonably well and have even seen him painting around Swindon. He also just completed another exhibition in the foyer of the Intel Swindon office, where I was able to see some of his latest paintings.

(I think that's enough links! Ed.)

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