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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Dec/2005: "Scotland Summer 2005 Travelogue Complete"

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Scotland Summer 2005 Travelogue Complete

Considering that I posted 4 Munros, 1 Island and 1,900 Miles Later almost four month ago this took me far too long. Nevertheless, it's finally done: The Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue is complete. 17 normal pages (not including the overview page) and 13 QTVR panoramas. 158 images take up 5MB on the server and I don't even want to mention how much space the panoramas take up.

The last pages completed today are about a fantastic day hillwalking on Beinn Narnain and the departure and drive back to Swindon. Not to forget a third QTVR panorama, this time a view over the Arrochar Alps from Beinn Narnain:

Picture of a panoramic view over hills and glens

That's all for now. I'm off for a relaxing bath and a good nights sleep. More next week. Probably the also way overdue update of the Blogging Abroad (Expat Bloggers) page will be next on Monday. Or some of the links I've collected in my 'to blog about' folder.

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