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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Nov/2005: "Bremen For Beginners"

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Bremen For Beginners

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While I moved away more than 15 years ago and only visit once a year at the moment I still have fond memories of growing up in Bremen. In a way I could still be called a 'Bremer', which is the reason for this entry:

Via Thomas Gigold I came to which in turn lead me to And this is where it hurt, because they wrote 'Von Bremenern für Bremener' (in English: From Bremenern for Bremener). Ouch. Because it should read 'Von Bremern für Bremer'. Bremen for beginners: Someone from Bremen is a Bremer, not a Bremener. Another example: The Bürgermeister (mayor) is the Bremer Bürgermeister, not the Bremener Bürgermeister. Got that? Good. Because that rule doesn't necessarily apply to all German cities:

Someone from München is a Münchener, not a Müncher (ok, doesn't really matter for English speaking people, as they call it Munich anyway). As far as I know someone from Leverkusen is a Leverkusener. Where I'm not entirely sure is Dresden, I'm fairly sure it's not Dresder but I'm not sure if Dresdener is the correct way to spell it. Einbecker, Martin Röll, can you help me out here?

PS: Not sure if it was because of my comment in Thomas' blog or if someone else told them, but they've fixed it now.

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