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Ministry of Propaganda - 03/Nov/2005: "Good Night"

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Good Night

Picture of the moon over the sea

Another day over, time to go to bed. Good night. Probably no blogging until earliest Saturday. Unless I write an entry I promised for the Top 5 Blog already, but then you'll need to be able to read German for that one.

And what a fun day it was: We had a power cut this afternoon which impacted the whole office as well as the neighbouring Marriott Hotel (not sure if other areas were hit as well, haven't found anything on the local news site yet). It was quite spooky: Suddenly the lights and monitors went off and you could hear all the laptops (almost all of us have laptops) switching to battery, with a beep indicating that they had lost mains power and switched to battery. There was still some daylight but not much, as well as the pale light from the laptop screens. I think the odd swearword could be heard as well from people interrupted in the middle of a task. The power cut lasted for about 15 minutes until power was fully restored, but we still had various network problems for a few hours until everything settled in. In the meantime we tried to finish a presentation for tomorrow morning, unfortunately we had to cut out a number of planned slides as we couldn't access the data we needed. At least we were able to continue working on battery power and didn't lose any of the work we had done just before the power cut. Certainly an advantage of a laptop over a desktop.

After the less than planned productive afternoon the evening was slightly better: I started working on the Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue again, this time on the walk to Proaig and MacArthur's Head, a walk I've done twice before during WalkIslay 2004 and with my sister in summer 2004. This time the walk was in preparation for WalkIslay 2006 (details to follow in another post). I've looked through all the pictures from the day and prepared first versions of a few panoramas. I hope to finish the page by Saturday, the reason I don't plan to blog until earliest Saturday.

A note on the picture above and its relevance for this entry: Obviously it is to illustrate the 'Good Night' of the title. But it also relates to the travelogue, as it was taken on the same day as the walk, only later in the evening. It's a view from Port Charlotte pier over to The Oa. In reality it was much darker, but this is what the camera captured. And with that I say 'Good Night' one more time, until Saturday.

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