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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Oct/2005: "Big Blogging Abroad Update"

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Big Blogging Abroad Update

Yes, I know, I'm almost a week late. Too busy with other things. But then this is a big update with more than 20 additions to the Blogging Abroad / Expat Bloggers page. Most of them sent me an e-mail, but some of them I found in other places. More about that later, first the additions:

  1. A Swede in Scotland (not really new, but in a new location)
  2. A German in Iceland (writing in German), although he might be on his way back to Germany now
  3. Another German in Iceland (also writing in German), he will still be there for at least a few months
  4. A Romanian in France
  5. A Canadian in Barcelona, Spain
  6. Another Canadian Girl, but in the Netherlands
  7. An American in France who also has a travel journal
  8. German by birth, grown up in the USA and now living in England
  9. A Brit in Poland
  10. A Gringo in Honduras
  11. A Dutchman in France
  12. An Englishman in Portugal
  13. A Brit in New York, USA
  14. An Australian in the Netherlands
  15. A Dutch journalist in China
  16. From Hongkong to London
  17. A German in San Francisco, USA
  18. An American in London, England
  19. A Canadian in Scotland (for now)
  20. From Bridport (England) to Brussels (Belgium)
  21. A German in China (blogging in German)

As mentioned most of them sent me an e-mail, the remaining ones I found at Katie's entry about expat bloggers, the expat category at Wikablog and at Matthew Langham's blog (he's another expat). At least that's where I think I found them.

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