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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Oct/2005: "I Would Have Blogged Earlier"

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I Would Have Blogged Earlier

But then I just had to spend the best part of half an hour deleting spam entries after another attack from the ******* spammer. Something like 80 rubbish comments to delete. Dear spammer, apart from wasting my time you will achieve absolutely nothing. The forum doesn't allow HTML so Google won't find your crap anyway and follow your links (by the way, what's the point of the rel="itsok" you try to include? Is that supposed to override rel="nofollow"? Or is that for you to find where you've been successful?). Anyway, they're all gone now. But that wasn't the only thing stopping me from posting here:

Einbecker complained there weren't enough posts on the Top 5 Blog, so I wrote something about my Top 5 Schottische Inseln (Scottish Islands). If you understand German head over and let me know if you agree (I think the number one shouldn't come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog here...). If you can't comment in German writing in English should be OK.

I've also been busy with that Scotland Summer 2005 travelogue: After completing the Glen Affric pages it was time to travel south to Argyll and take the ferry to Islay. Next will be a page about a visit to the under construction Kilchoman Distillery. As of writing this entry they seem to have started malting and will start distilling next week (see the Distillery Progress)

And finally some blogging related stuff: The EasyJetsetter has written an interesting entry about expat bloggers at The Sharpener, mentioning my Blogging Abroad / Expat Bloggers page. She mentions several blogs I haven't got on my list yet, which I will steal with pride and add to it. As well as a few more like Martin Stabe, Pumpkin Pie, Just Dazzle, Alex Brie, EgoChick, MacDjaerv, Island-Blog and a few others. Hope to get that done later today or early in the week, depending on progress with the travelogue. Watch this space.

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