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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Oct/2005: "Updates to Older Posts"

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Updates to Older Posts

Two, no, three, no, four updates to earlier posts: Denglisch und Germlish, Holy Lego, Batman!, My Schultüte and finally Spam Deluge. I could have posted updates to the individual entries, but thought it's easier just to post them all here:

Robb Knapp of has sent me a mail that he has now written a book version of it, available here:

Jonathan Markiewitz sent me a mail for another (he says the first ever) Batman Lego film: Batman Revenge (2004). It's a silent movie, well made. There's also a gallery of Batmobiles built with Lego.

I was earlier, but Marcus of 'Nutzloses Wissen' (useless knowledge) had a very similar idea and posted a picture of him and his Schultüte and also started collecting links to more pictures. I'll update my list.

And finally: The referer spammers seem to have gone completely mad. When I looked at my logfiles earlier this evening I had almost 40,000 (in words: forty thousands!!) hits from some bot with faked referers to a single (incorrect) URL on my blog. They only generate 404's, but the referers still show up in my logfiles. More than 1000 referals from some dodgy online pharmacy? Yeah right. Interestingly enough all to some forwarding URLs from, or (among others). All of which seem to belong to V3, a FortuneCity company. They do have an abuse form, but do they really expect me to enter 50+ URLs into that form (which took me ages to find)? According to Spam Huntress they don't really care anyway...

I think that's enough updates.

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