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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Sep/2005: "Wahlen in Deutschland"

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Wahlen in Deutschland

or 'Elections in Germany' for my non-German reading readers. Especially any English readers too busy celebrating England winning the Ashes (not that I know the slightest about Cricket, but almost everyone at work was talking about it). But back to the topic of this entry, the elections in Germany. As a German I thought I should write at least one entry about it. Only one problem here:

I don't really care. OK, I care more about it than the cricket, but that shouldn't be too difficult considering my knowledge of and interest in cricket...

As I've written before Germany doesn't feel like 'home' any more. I don't follow the news from Germany much any more (except occasionally the football results), apart from a few German blogs I don't have any German feeds in my 'blogroll'. The result?

A lot of the discussions I don't really understand. There are some new parties I haven't really heard about. Die Linkspartei? Huh? Yes, I've heard of Lafontaine and Gysi before, but since when are they in the same party? Kirchhof? Who's he? OK, I have a vague idea who Angela Merkel (BBC profile) is and what she stands for, although she wasn't half as powerful when I left Germany. I do know Gerhard Schröder (BBC profile), he came into power the last time I voted in Germany. I have a vague idea what Hartz IV is, but don't fully understand what it means.

So I'm going to refrain from any further comments on the German elections and provide you with a few links to other blogs and news sites where you might be able to find some insight:

That's all I can think of for now. Apart from that some German election bloggers don't know the difference between the UK and England (and that the CSU seems to be planning to spam 300,000 voters).

(Don't you think that's enough German elections now? Ed.) Oh, and before I forget, I could have voted, but I didn't bother to register with the embassy (or whereever I would have to register for postal voting). (That's really enough now! How about the cricket? Ed.)

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