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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Aug/2005: "Bank Holiday Weekend"

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Bank Holiday Weekend

A friendly welcome to Gordon McLean and his readers. Let me see what I can bore you with today, as promised there are a few links in my 'to blog about' folder. At the same time the Bank Holiday Weekend has started, so the weather will probably be horrible and you'll have lots of time to surf the web:

Once I find the time I think I should get some of my Ordnance Survey maps out and try to find a few pictures for geograph (how it works). There are quite a few areas on Islay and around Swindon without pictures I think I can cover...

I can't figure out where on Islay the picture was taken (assuming it is somewhere on Islay), nevertheless here's an interesting read about Islay where prime ministers holidayed in the past. When I was there last week I did see the former NATO Secretary General George Robertson in a bar (he is an Ileach and has a house on Islay). I was told some interesting stories about security guards (while George Robertson was Secretary General and when previous prime ministers were visiting) trying to blend in yet being extremely easy to identify. Imagine some large serious looking men in pressed shirts and trousers drinking only water in a bar/pub full of drunken locals and tourists... (That's enough name dropping. Write something funny now. Or at least link to it. Ed.)

Glasgow wit: What fish? (That was a good one, like it. More please. Ed.)

I know it's old news, but I still wanted to blog it: Angie, you're beautiful, but ain't it time we said good-bye? And no, I won't vote in the elections in Germany. I've been away for far too long now and don't know most of the politicians anyway. I have a vague idea who Angela Merkel is, and no, she isn't beautiful. Neither are her political opinions as far as I know them. (That's enough politics. Change of topic please. Ed.)

Ultracompetitive or getting work-life balance right? Fitting a marathon (or even a triathlon) into the busy schedule of a CEO is impressive. I won't run around the block now though, I'll do that tomorrow morning. And weather permitting I'll go on a long walk somewhere in Wiltshire this weekend. Not as nice as hillwalking in Scotland but still better than sitting at home.

And with that I'm off into the bank holiday weekend (But don't forget the blogging! Or you're fired! Ed.)

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