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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/Jun/2005: "Just Finished Reading"

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Just Finished Reading

Two days ago I noticed that there was a still unread Inspector Wallander book in my bookshelf: Before The Frost by Henning Mankell. As it turned out it wasn't really an Inspector Wallander story, his daughter Linda takes centre stage in this book, with Kurt Wallander still playing an important role.

It's a while since I read the last book in the series, but thinking back and comparing this one is probably one of the weaker efforts. Some of it might be due to the translation, I wasn't entirely convinced by it. Some of the sentences and language used felt strange and out of place. It was as if the translator tried to maintain a Swedish touch but didn't really succeed.

I also felt as if sometimes couldn't decide if it was going to be about Linda or Kurt Wallander. It was trying to explain more about Kurt Wallander through his daughter learning more about him on her way to becoming a police officer. To me it didn't always work.

All in all still a nice enough read though, especially if you've read the other books in the series. Oh, almost forgot the rest of the story: Well, pretty much the usual. Murders, strange disappearances, deceit, lies, clues, religious nutters, red herrings. Pretty much everythink you'd expect from a crime thriller.

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