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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/May/2005: "Parents Have Arrived"

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Parents Have Arrived

Picture of my parents and me enjoying a beer

My parents arrived today for a visit over the bank holiday weekend. The picture shows us enjoying some Islay Ale (Ardnave Ale for my parents, Dun Hogs Head Ale for me) in my flat. At some point over the weekend we will also try one (or two) of the whiskies you can see on the shelf in the background.

Weather permitting we will go for a walk tomorrow, possibly on the walk around Castle Combe I went on in March. Blogging will most likely be light to non-existent while my parents are here, unless I post a few pictures from our adventures in an around Wiltshire. Visit a few other expat blogs in the meantime. Or turn off the PC and get out, at least for Swindon and the west country the weather forecast isn't too bad.

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