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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/May/2005: "Bunch of Changes, Links and Things"

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Bunch of Changes, Links and Things

It seems that no relapse is coming, I'm eating solid food again (actually, started that on Friday already) and whatever I had last week is over. Nevertheless I've decided to aim for a few lifestyle changes, as I think my stomach problems might have been at least to an extent been caused by some of my habits.

I'd like to think that I've already been eating fairly healthy, but I've decided to try to further improve on it. Fewer bigger meals but more frequent and smaller meals as well as even more fruit and veg. I also decided to spend less time in front of the computer while trying to use the time spent in front of it more effectively. The blogroll has already been pruned, statistics (incl referrers) will only be reviewed once a week instead of daily. Some bookmarks have been deleted for non-essential sites I spent too much time on. Not to forget that I need more sleep, so anything not time critical will be pushed out if it's too late in the day.

Not sure yet what it will mean for this blog, quite possibly less frequent posts, almost certainly for the next couple of months where the days are longer. I also want to spend more time working on my travel pictures site again, as I've neglected the site too much, which in turn caused frustration and stress. The time for that has to come from somewhere. But for the time being the blog won't be closed, just updated less frequently.

Now that's enough about myself, here are a bunch of links I collected over the last few days. Hope you find at least some of them interesting:

Remember the Jim-Baxter-Didi-Hamann-Bridge? I already blogged that it won't be called Didi-Hamann Bridge. Instead it will get a really boring name: White Horse Bridge, after a police horse.

Not sure how long my current mobile phone will still work, it's missing one of the buttons already, is scratched everywhere, is chipped in various places, but for the time being still works. And I'm not too keen on replacing it with one of these modern phones, as I have no need for a crappy camera, polythingamajig ringtones and all that nonsense. However, this phone might be just right for me.

I haven't ordered it yet, but as I want to read more, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner) will soon be on my shopping list. As I have just pruned my blogroll I don't want to add to it immediately, for the time being I'll just occasionally watch the Freakonomics Blog. See also 'Blink' Meets 'Freakonomics'

I first saw it on Friday: London Eye given eviction notice. The latest update I'm aware of is from Saturday: Action urged over London Eye row. A 1500% rent hike seem a bit high to me and I would be sad to see it go, having been on it twice (December 2003 with friends and October 2000 with my sister).

And apparently the Joke Is Dead.

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