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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/May/2005: "Quick Blog"

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Quick Blog

Quite busy with the page about our day walking up Beinn Bheigier on Islay (sorry, nothing online yet) for the WalkIslay 2005 travelogue. Here are a few links to keep you busy until I find some time for more blogging. Quite fitting I found an entry at Lindsay Boyd's Hill Walking and Trekking in Scotland, UK blog about a weekend on Jura and climbing the Paps of Jura. They visited just a week after I was on Islay and Jura...

Some people might disagree in their pursuit of ever more money and material goods, but others might be happy knowing that they have enough.

Interesting read about leadership and removing obstacles for employees.

Probably worth a separate entry, but I found it interesting to find those two topics quite close together: BBC accused of cutting religious coverage and 16,000 complaints, but Springer opera did not break TV rules. Or read it at the BBC itself: BBC bid to boost religious shows and TV watchdog clears Springer opera. See also MWW.

And finally: Whisky can cut cancer risk. Now, where was that bottle again?

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