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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/Apr/2005: "I Need Inspiration"

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I Need Inspiration

Grmpf. I'd like to write something here. If only I knew about what. All the lottery scams I'm currently inundated with? Nah, did that already. Or the rise of creationism in the UK? Hm, could do. But then this discussion never leads to anything anyway, so: no. How about commenting on BusinessWeeks analysis of the success of the Dyson vacuum cleaner? Well, I've got one, I'm mostly happy with it, not much more to say. Hm. Anything else?

Wal-Mart is struggling in Germany. Yes, and? Not really a surprise. Why adapting to local customs and language helps to have success in business, probably ignored by Wal-Mart management. But it's all been said before, so what else is there to say? Let's try something else.

Touchscreen BoomboxPC, the boombox looks similar to one I had when I was young. Apart from that I'm not geek enough to really get excited about it. I haven't read it yet (let alone ordered), so I can't really add much to this review/interview of/with Denise Mina. This is not getting me anywhere.

I give up.

And try again tomorrow.

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