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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Mar/2005: "GBP 70"

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GBP 70

Picture of a broken window

Great, this picture is going to cost me GBP 70. Seventy pounds I would have prefered to spend on something else. But then someone thought it was a better idea to break a window at my car to get into it, trying to steal, well, not much. Quite annoyingly this is a kind of deja vu.

At least they stole something this time, although I doubt they'll have much fun with it: They took two or three DVD cases (recyled from those AOL CDs) with music CDs I burned a while ago for listening in the car. I wonder if they thought they were taking DVDs they could sell, only to discover they had taken something like "Armin's Best of The Undertones, The Smiths and Teenage Fanclub"? Not exactly something you can flog in the pub...

I haven't been able to confirm it yet, but it looks like my neighbours car was also broken into, probably at the same time. They had theirs repaired already (assuming it was broken into as well), indicating it happened a few days ago. I just hadn't noticed earlier because I hadn't used my car since Sunday. Anyway, I've reported it to the police, no point in calling the insurance though as I've got an £150 excess amount in my policy.

In the future I'll probably have to leave my glove compartment, ashtray and other places open to show them there's nothing to steal. May be that will stop them, may be not. Worth a try. Although I can't say I'm happy with it. But what other choice do I have?

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