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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Mar/2005: "Happy Easter!"

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Happy Easter!

Picture of a rabbit

With a variety of message boards already linking to it I thought it is time to recycle a picture from last summer myself. I now define it to be an Easter bunny. Even though it probably is a fully grown rabbit by now (How quick do they grow up actually? I have no idea).

Anyway: Happy Easter!

That's that out of the way.

What else? Not sure how I got there, so I can't give the credit: Tom Coates writes about some kind of buddy list for television, so that you can see what your friends are watching. Apparently this make watching television more social. The geeks seem to love it because it apparently turns an isolating into a social activity. May be it's just me, but since when is knowing what someone else is watching a social activity? Oh, then people can chat about the shows they are watching! Wow. And that's social? That's probably as social as all these huge TV screens turning up in more and more pubs which grab everyones attention and in combination with the loud music blaring out of sound systems fit for a nightclub stop every attempt of conversation. Too bad that TV-B-Gone only turns off televisions.

Thanks, rant over.

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