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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/Mar/2005: "Films of Scotland"

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Films of Scotland

Screenshot of a video clip with Billy Connolly

While fairly unsuccessfully searching for comedy video clips with the Yahoo! Video Search I at least found this gem (not comedy related): The Films of Scotland Documentaries provides an overview of the 168 documentaries of Scotland and Scottish life produced by the Films of Scotland Committee in 1938 and 1954-1982. It covers a variety of topics including citizenship and travelogues but also Charles Rennie Mackintosh or the opening of Kingston Bridge in Glasgow.

There are a variety of short clips (QuickTime format) available on the site, I recommend the video of Billy Connolly singing about sailing doon the watter among others. And yes, it was a search for Billy Connolly clips that brought me to the site. Now excuse me while I continue exploring the site.

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