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Ministry of Propaganda - 21/Mar/2005: "Spam of the Day"

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Spam of the Day

Fake system display

Quite amazing the lengths some spammers go to attract attention. Only to be stopped by their inability to send correctly formatted e-mails.

This morning I found an interesting mail in my spam folder. It displayed an anti-spyware scan progressing and then giving a warning that spyware was detected, complete with a button to clean "my" PC. For a split second I thought, "how did they do that?", but then quickly realised it was an animated gif when I looked more closely. Quite a complex one though, so I saved it, it's the one you can now see above. I guess they optimised it quite well, as it is less than 40kb in size.

It was still broken though: I assume there was supposed to be a link somewhere in the HTML mail, possibly centered on the "Clean your PC" button. I say assume because while my e-mail client is capable of displaying HTML e-mails (although it can't download any embedded images from the internet, which is good) it only displayed the image but not the full HTML message. And therefore no link. Not that I would have clicked anyway, but that's not the point.

Nice try. Try again. And I probably should post a long entry (or two) tomorrow to move the animated gif down quite quickly.

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