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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/Jan/2005: "Spring Afternoon"

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Spring Afternoon

After the excellent weather yesterday I had hoped for similar weather today, in particular as I was thinking of going on the Castle Combe to Ford walk. Unfortunately today turned out to be quite foggy until early afternoon, so I decided to postpone the walk until tomorrow as one reason for wanting to go on the walk are the views. Hopefully there won't be any fog but more warm sunshine tomorrow. Nevertheless I enjoyed the first very nice spring afternoon this year:

A short walk from my house is The Lawns, a park with plenty of places to sit in the sun and relax. I grabbed a book, walked over, found a nice place under a tree (but still in the sun) and started reading. The book was Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton, a fascinating book so far. This afternoon I read most of the first half of the book, which covers what status anxiety is and the causes for it. Some really interesting thoughts and how status was defined over the centuries. I hope to finish the first part today and then start with the second half (Solutions) tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon I returned home, opening the windows to get even more fresh air in after the long winter. I've just prepared the dough for some shortbread which I'll bake later this evening, now it's time to catch up on the news from today.

All in all a very nice day, I hope it continues like this tomorrow.

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