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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Mar/2005: "Technorati Confuzzled?"

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Technorati Confuzzled?

Screenshot of a Technorati search, indicating I updated 9 days ago
Screenshot of a Technorati search, indicating I updated 21 hours ago

Time for some omphaloskepsis (also known as blogging about blogging): Something strange is happening at Technorati. At least in regards to what it thinks how often I update my blog.

Curious who is linking to me I search for my domain on Technorati. You can see part of the result in the first screenshot, according to the results I last updated 9 days ago. I also have 80 links from 63 sources.

No idea if the number of links and sources is correct, but then I don't really care about the number anyway. What I know though is that I updated more recently than 9 days ago, in fact I've updated several times during the last week and a bit. Actually, the last time I updated before this entry was yesterday (and I did ping their server after updating). Something Technorati seems to be aware of:

A search for a blog I linked to yesterday among others brings back my entry from yesterday, you can see the result in the second screenshot. And this is where it gets interesting: According to this result the entry was written 21 hours ago (which sounds about right) and I have fewer links (which I can't judge, but then I don't care).

So what is it then? 9 days or 21 hours? An 8 day discrepancy in the results for the same blog looks a bit strange to me. Is Technorati confuzzled or me?

And tomorrow I'll write about something more interesting again. Promised.

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