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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Mar/2005: "Tax and The Economy"

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Tax and The Economy

Being a foreigner I can't vote in the general elections here in the UK and decide what happens with the taxes I pay or how my life is governed. Nevertheless I can (and do) have an interest in the politics of the country I live in. With the next election just around the corner it is to be expected that the same old policies will be rolled out again. As usual the Tories are calling for tax cuts. Apparently that's the only way (combined with deregulation) to save the UK from economic desaster. After all Britain had fallen from fourth to 11th in the international economic competitiveness league, so cutting taxes is the only option.

Or is it?

Look closely who is making progress: It's those pesky high-taxing and regulating Scandinavians. And why? Because they are innovative. Because they are open to new technologies and new industries. Because they don't bother to compete with low wage countries in low wage industries (like China and India, which Oliver Letwin thinks the UK needs to compete with. I would also include the new EU members from Eastern Europe as well as the Russians). I don't think the UK has any chance competing with them anyway, they will for the foreseeable future be cheaper in high volume industries. Instead the UK is still behind in regards to broadband internet while trying to save jobs in old industries to mention just one example each of where I believe our politicians are going wrong.

And what do our politicians spend their time on? Making immigration an election issue. They are certainly getting their priorities right. Or may be not.

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