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Ministry of Propaganda - 24/Feb/2005: "Now We Are Safe (Not)"

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Now We Are Safe (Not)

Not only is the government working hard to protect us from terrorists and nasty people with nuclear weapons, now the government also protects us from those nasty viruses. No, not the type that gives you the flu, the type that makes your computer unwell. They even send you free alerts about viruses and the like. Isn't that terribly nice of them?

Only why do I have the funny feeling that this is going to be pretty much useless? People will still open attachments if they promise them something somehow exciting or interesting. They will still not update their software because it takes time and they just want to get on with their work, even if the updates are served on a plate. They will still not use a firewall because they are too complex to set up and stop them doing things. And no whatever well intentioned website by the government will change that. Simply because online security requires an effort, an effort a huge number of people won't bother with. Because it won't happen to them (and because the government should do something about these hackers).

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