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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Feb/2005: "New Season"

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New Season

Picture of a sunset behind a hill with a tower

Spring doesn't seem that far off any more, the days are getting longer again, a new season seems to be just around the corner. The weather wasn't that great here today (at least not until the very late afternoon), I only managed to muster the energy for a short shopping trip to Oxford. But at least the days are getting longer and the picture on the right was taken at a time when it was pitch dark not that long ago. With the winter having been mainly grey and dull instead of clear and crisp I haven't done much walking the last few weeks and even months apart from the weekend in Scotland in early December. Time to get moving again.

Yesterday I booked the ferry and confirmed my hotel reservation for the WalkIslay walking week in April. Really looking forward to it, I think it will be a great week again. Just need to get my walking legs into shape again until then.

Note to self, here are a few local walks over the next few weeks: Rangers - Wayland's Smithy, The White Horse and Weathercock Hill and Rangers - Aldbourne Around. The second walk might be similar to a walk I did in September 2004, only that it looks like it will stop at The Blue Boar in Aldbourne for lunch.

Then I'll try Walking Britain for a few ideas and look through my collection of walks from Country Walking magazine. Or I just grab one of my Ordnance Survey maps and start walking, that worked quite well on a couple of occasions last year.

PS: I'm not sure where this road is, but I'll probably better avoid Manor Crescent though. Who knows, may be the dog doesn't like walkers either...

PPS: Extra points for any reader who can tell me what the strange building in the picture is. Unless you are Matthew, as I expect you to know immediately.

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