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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Jan/2005: "Brightening up a Grey Sunday Morning"

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Brightening up a Grey Sunday Morning

Here in Swindon it is a quite grey (although mild) late January Sunday morning. The weather forecast isn't predicting much change to that. Let's see what I can find to brighten up the morning, a few weird and funny links might help:

Sounds of the World's Animals

Following up on one of the links I posted last night here is the sound of ducks in 33 languages. And as this is a blog we need cat content. Here you go, the sound of cats in 35 languages. Did you know that Indonesian cats say "ngeong" while Estonian cats say "näu"? Now you know.

Depending on where you work you might want to turn up or down the sound at your computer. Especially before clicking on this one or this one.

Party Games

Run out of ideas how to entertain your guests? Just give them a few bugs and insects to eat, endless fun for all ages. Somehow Victoria doesn't really look convinced to me...

UFO Spotting

As I said, it's cloudy, so for all I know the sky could be full of them above the clouds. I'm sure the UFO News Blog will report it though. Not that they will make it on to my blogroll, I don't think I need more pictures of flying hubcaps and bin lids.

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