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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Jan/2005: "Fun and Weird Links for a Sunday Morning"

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Fun and Weird Links for a Sunday Morning

Despite it being a glorious Sunday morning I'm a bit grumpy today. I had some plans for this weekend but due to too much procrastination I didn't get much done. Time to get back to work. So let's get the odd links out of the way so that I can clear my mind for the tasks at hand. Here are the links I had in my "blog fodder" folder for way too long:

Rubber Ducks

Found this via my logfiles, as one of the pictures is mine and whoever put this page together is hotlinking it. I often stop this (via .htaccess blacklisting), but for this page I decided to let them get away with it: Duckies (yes, I have rubber ducks in my bathroom. As well as a shower curtain with ducks)


Not sure how I found this one, but if you want to scare your in-laws/girlfriend/(enter person of choice here) this company might be of help: Corpses For Sale, Halloween and Horror Props for sale and rent. They also offer a Vampire Hunters Kit, should you need one.

Local News (Swindon)

May be I should really move somewhere else. Swindon is in the news again, usually for the wrong reasons: Swindon Council brings in Kent council to sort out social services. While she wasn't from Swindon Britain's youngest drink-driver was caught in Swindon.

Any positive news? Well, apparently someone is working on a book of panoramas of Swindon. Let's hope they're better than my panoramas of Swindon. Anything else? Well, the burst water main has been repaired and a forest will take the place of the airfield (I can see the area from some of my windows). Not that you care, but there had to be something positive.


OK, that's those out of the way, let's get going...

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