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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Jan/2005: "Strange World"

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Strange World

And now for something completely different: A few odd links and stories I found over the last few days. Let's start with something for the bored Harry Potter reader. I've never even started any of them, so you have to understand my ignorance. Anyway, here's the ultimate Harry Potter exam, apparently. I haven't bothered, as I said, I haven't read a single page of Harry Potter.

Now for something a bit nastier: Watching somebody eating a dead rat. And then suing the TV network for it. Huh? Hello? I don't have a TV, but even I know that remote controls have these little buttons labelled something like "power" or "off". What is so difficult about pressing that button if you think you won't like it?

But then here in the UK 15,000 complaints have come in against a show that hasn't even run. What's wrong with leaving the TV turned off if there's something on you don't like? Reading a good book instead? Or going for a walk, may be to the pub? Every time I hear "and now an interview with Michael Howard" I just turn off the radio and go into the kitchen to do the dishes.

The interweb is so last year, at least for scammers it is. Seems too many people are now aware of scams on the web, so they now have turned to small ads in local newspapers for advance fee scams. What's next, flyers at the local supermarket's notice board?

Living in Swindon I couldn't resist preparing a Magic Roundabout page. But did you know that there is a Roundabout Appreciation Society? They don't seem to have a website (yet?), so you have to make do with the report at the BBC.

This post started with Harry Potter, so I thought closing it with Harry Potter might be nice. Apparently he has an owl. Now a lot of people want one as well, until they realise they can't handle them, but not before endangering wild owl. Why is it so difficult to distinguish between fantasy and the real world? A bird of prey as a pet? Yeah right...

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