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Ministry of Propaganda - 31/Dec/2004: "New Year Weekend"

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New Year Weekend

Finally it's the New Year Weekend, three days off (for those outside of the UK and who don't know: If Christmas or New Years Day fall on a weekend the bank holiday is moved to the following Monday). Three days to get quite a lot done, here you go:

Three days to surf lots of porn (oops, mother is reading this) read lots of edifying books. Three days to drink copius amounts of alcohol (oops, mother is still reading) drink sensible amounts of water and fruit juices. Three days to eat tons of junk food (mother, you still reading?) eat sensible portions of healthy food including fruit and veg. Three days to stay up until early in the morning (hm, mother still here?) go to bed early and rise early. Three days to swear as much as I like (still there, mother?) talk eloquently about demanding topics. Three days to lie in bed and on the couch go outside for some sensible exercise.

And then the new year really begins...

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